Sourcing & repurposing

Making the most of your existing content


Planning the journey

The T.O.C. as a map for you and your reader


Credits & copyright

Joint authoring; rights and plagiarism issues


One hour consultation

Via phone or Skype


As with any project, the better the plan, the better the finished project will be. The From Authority to Authorship programme encourages you to re-use your existing content, minimising the amount of new material you need to create. In this second month, we help you gather together the different materials you have already written or drafted for other purposes and start to map out the structure of your book.


The Table of Contents acts as a skeleton, which you will flesh out during the course of the programme. If the skeleton is flawed, your manuscript will not be the best it can be, so time spent at this stage is fundamental.


We’ll also take a look at some basic copyright issues, as it’s vital to be clear at this stage that you have the rights to all the materials you use in your book.