The From Authority to Authorship Programme

Aimed at business experts looking for professional support to complete their book, From Authority to Authorship is a six-month programme that will enable you to progress your book project from a dream to a complete, professional, manuscript.

Each author is allocated a personal Advisor for the length of the programme. Through regular email contact, one-to-one phone or Skype sessions, and comprehensive supporting resources and documentation, the programme provides the guidance and accountability you need to complete your manuscript.

Each month, you’ll have a one-to-one phone call or Skype session of up to one hour with your personal advisor, to talk about your own specific project. Each monthly personal consultation will be backed up by a minimum of three additional resources to guide you through the writing process.

The first month is completely free, followed by five months at £175 per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Additional hours of consultation, editing and a full range of other publishing services are all available as optional payable extras.

Module ONE: FREE!


Getting started

Clarifying your ideas through the Book Proposal document


Keeping it professional

Authority and authorship: warnings and reminders


The world of Publishing

Traditional, indie and assisted publishing models


One hour consultation

Via phone or Skype


This initial month is a no obligation free trial, which allows you to clarify your project goals and discover whether the From Authority to Authorship programme is right for you.


The Book Proposal document will help you understand not just the book itself, but your relationship to it and where it fits into the bigger picture of your professional life and ambitions. Once you’ve completed the document, you’ll have a chance to discuss it with your personal Advisor in a one-to-one session and create the basis for the project you’ll be working on together if you decide to join the programme.


In addition, as you start your journey to becoming a published author, you’ll receive background documentation about the publishing industry and different publishing models, explaining where you and the From Authority to Authorship programme fit in this long professional tradition.


If you sign up for the full From Authority to Authorship programme, for the next five months, you will have monthly one-to-one sessions with your personal Advisor. These hour-long sessions give you the chance to discuss issues that have arisen as you progress with your writing, or other specific aspects of your book project. You will also receive further documentation – by email and available through your personal profile page on the system – to help you focus and keep you on track to complete your manuscript by the end of the programme.


Module TWO


Sourcing & repurposing

Making the most of your existing content


Planning the journey

The T.O.C. as a map for you and your reader


Credits & copyright

Joint authoring; rights and plagiarism issues


One hour consultation

Via phone or Skype


As with any project, the better the plan, the better the finished project will be. The From Authority to Authorship programme encourages you to re-use your existing content, minimising the amount of new material you need to create. In this second month, we help you gather together the different materials you have already written or drafted for other purposes and start to map out the structure of your book.


The Table of Contents acts as a skeleton, which you will flesh out during the course of the programme. If the skeleton is flawed, your manuscript will not be the best it can be, so time spent at this stage is fundamental.


We’ll also take a look at some basic copyright issues, as it’s vital to be clear at this stage that you have the rights to all the materials you use in your book.


Module THREE


The importance of balance

Structure, length and style


Fact or fiction?

What is truth? Creative non-fiction


Worth 1,000 words

Images, graphics and visuals


One hour consultation

Via phone or Skype


Now we have a better understanding of what the book content is going to be, we take a closer look at the way that it is used, the author’s voice etc.


In non-fiction, the use of real-life examples can be a tricky issue, and the fact that you have a legal right to write something doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea to do so. Here, then, we look at just how true a non-fiction book needs to be and how what you write can affect other people.


We also look at sourcing and using non-text elements, which not only make a book more visually appealing and accessible but are a useful way to encapsulate information and communicate ideas quickly and effectively.


Module FOUR


Your role as an author

Pioneer, Guide or Fellow traveller? Voice and address


Keeping on track

Progress review


Editing and correction

Types of editor and their roles


One hour consultation

Via phone or Skype


Month four marks the halfway point of the paid programme, making it a good time to stop and take stock. We review the role you have taken on and the way you are relating to your readers.


Remembering that you started the journey as an authority in your own subject, it’s vital that you don’t lose track of that power and expertise in this new environment of publishing. In order to keep things as correct and professional as possible, we begin to look at the finer detail of what you are writing, and also consider further publishing support that you may want to consider.


Module FIVE


The bigger picture

Related and spin-off projects


Your author brand

Establishing and consolidating cross-platform coherence


Book marketing

Pre-launch plans and actions


One hour consultation

Via phone or Skype


At the very start of the programme, when you completed the Book Proposal document, you thought briefly about where your book would sit in the grand scheme of your professional life. There may well have been a few changes, both to the book itself and to your plans, by this stage of the programme.


Now the book is nearing completion it’s easier to see how things fit together, so it’s time to go back and review and plan in more depth. We look at how your author brand will sit alongside your other professional roles and also begin to look ahead at building reader interest pre-publication.


Module SIX



Digital and print options


Back & front matter

Reviews, testimonials, blurbs and back ads


Seize the moment

Adding topical spin


Moving forward

The book’s life begins


One hour consultation

Via phone or Skype


The From Authority to Authorship programme takes you to a finished manuscript – the heart of the book. You’re nearly there, and it’s time to gather in some of the straggling ends: it’s time to call in favours to get some pre-publication readers for reviews and blurbs and there are still decisions to be made about formats.


This final month of the programme wraps things up and makes sure you’re ready to move on to the next stage in the process, whether you choose to work further with an editor, or go straight to publication.


Your manuscript in six months

The aim of the From Authority to Authorship programme is to keep you focused and motivated to complete your manuscript in just six months.

For £175 per month, authors on the programme get a one-to-one consultation with their personal advisor, plus at least three additional resource documents each month.

Further resources under development include access to an online forum, webinars and a growing range of additional resources at no extra cost.

Additional hours of consultation, editing and a full range of other publishing services are all available as optional payable extras.

If you write in a different genre, already have a half-written manuscript, or want to complete your book in less time, we can provide a bespoke programme to suit your needs.

Get in touch and let’s talk about your project.