Other publishing services

Each writing project is different and each author needs help with different aspects of the project.

We offer a full range of publishing services.

Editorial services
We can help with your manuscript at all stages pre-publication:
Ghost writing
Copy editing
Design services
For print or digital publication:
Interior layout
Tables, charts and formulae
Graphics creation and infographics
Bespoke Cover Art
Design services for reflowable digital books:
For digital publication only:
Revision/creation of styles & text settings
Standard ePub 2.0
+ enhanced CSS
Metadata integration
Dynamic table of contents
Conversion of manuscripts to ePub, fixed layout and other formats
Enhanced ebooks and multimedia services
Digital publications – ePub 3, iBooks and apps – can take advantage of a range of multimedia elements. We can provide:
Video filming and editing for online courses, promotion and marketing
Music composition and sound effects
Motion graphics and animation
Submission to digital bookstores
In order to upload to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, the iBookstore etc., the corresponding author accounts must be created and configured:
Account configuration for receipt of monies. Note: author or authorised representative will need to configure own tax information as required
Optimisation of book cover and interiors files
Upload and configuration of metadata, keywords, description, categories etc.
ISBN and printing
While the author retains full control of the marketing process, we can ensure the initial marketing actions are completed professionally:
For a printed book, format, paper weight and finish make a huge difference to how the reader perceives the publication. We will recommend the appropriate specs to ensure the quality of the finished artefact.
In addition to short print-runs (usually a couple of hundred copies), it is possible to set up on-demand printing, although each individual copy will cost more to print and the printing options may be more limited.
Cover art
We create fully bespoke cover art. Although the basic artwork may be similar, separate cover designs need to be produced for digital and print publications as these are presented differently and serve different purposes; in addition, the digital cover must be optimised for efficient viewing on screen.
Although an enhanced ebook can include voice-over or narration, this is not the same as an audiobook, which is a standalone audio version of the book, read either by the author or by a professional voice-over artist.
Book marketing
While the author retains full control of the marketing process, we can assure the initial marketing actions are completed professionally:
Social media account(s) profile set-up, digital bookstore account(s) set-up, Amazon Author Page, personal or project branding, wordmarks & logos, author website, book landing page, book trailer videos, marketing collateral…


Pricing depends on many factors, including length and complexity of the book content, so it is impossible to give an accurate price estimate without seeing the manuscript and discussing the scope of the project.

As a rough guide, interior design and cover art for print and reflowable ePub of a simple long-form text such as a full-length novel, with black and white interiors and minimal imagery would cost in the region of £1,800. (This does not include printing.) Complex formatting, including tables, charts, diagrams and images, would increase the price.


Each project is unique and will take more or less time, depending on the services required and the point the author is at when we first begin discussions.

If the manuscript is complete and already edited and proof-read, a digital book can be designed and published in less than a month (usually rather less). On the other hand, a project that starts at the planning stage may well take up to a year. In all cases, if the book is to be printed, around a month should be allowed for printing and approval of proofs and then the final print run.

What the author needs to prepare
As well as the main body of text, a book includes additional information that is required before the interiors can be designed. The full information for a digital book would be:
Final manuscript complete with all required content
Front matter: copyright information & credits
Keywords to be used for search purposes
TOC / index (Further information available if indexing is requested.)
Core metadata for online bookstores (essential book information): title, price, author, category
Enhanced metadata: brief description (around 150 words.)

Beyond the book: additional services

Many professionals write non-fiction books as part of a larger training or profile-raising project. Tantamount also provides support services for full online video courses and influencer profiles.

If you are contemplating developing an online course or taking an existing presential course online, we can help at all stages of the project, from planning to pre-production, filming, editing and post-production of professional ad hoc video. We will also advise on the best medium for distributing your course online and help you implement it.

As a creative agency, we can create new branding or work within your existing brand guidelines to ensure that your complete project portfolio is all on brand and coherent across platforms, and that your identity remains professional.