If you’re an expert, becoming a published author may seem like the first step to becoming an influencer. But if you’re new to publishing, the thought of actually writing is likely to be quite daunting. Which is where our From Authority to Authorship programme comes in.

The From Authority to Authorship programme guides you through the creative process, enabling you to complete your manuscript simply, quickly and professionally.

Through regular email contact, one-to-one phone or Skype sessions, and comprehensive supporting documentation, the six-month programme provides the guidance and accountability you need to progress your book project from a dream to a completed manuscript.

Each month, you’ll have a one-to-one phone call or Skype session of up to one hour with your personal advisor, to talk about your own specific project. This personal consultation will be backed up by a minimum of three additional resources to guide you through the writing process.

That’s a one-to-one consultation plus at least three additional resource documents every month, for just £175 per month. And you can cancel at any time.

And to make sure the programme is right for you, we offer the first month free, with no obligation.

Month One: Foundations - Free!

One hour phone or Skype consultation.

• Clarify your ideas through the Book Proposal document.

• Authority and Authorship: warnings and reminders.

• Traditional, indie and assisted publishing models.

Month Two: Gathering and planning

One hour phone or Skype consultation.

• Making the most of your existing content.

• The T.O.C. as a map for you and your reader.

• Joint authoring; rights and plagiarism issues.

Month Three: Getting to grips with your content

One hour phone or Skype consultation.

• The importance of balance: structure, length and style.

• Fact or fiction: what is truth? Creative non-fiction.

• Worth 1,000 words: images, diagrams and illustrations.

Month Four: Review and regroup

One hour phone or Skype consultation.

• Pioneer, Guide or Fellow traveller? Voice and address.

• Keeping on track: progress review.

• Editing & correction: different types of editor and their roles.

Month Five: Looking ahead

One hour phone or Skype consultation.

• The bigger picture: related and spin-off projects.

• Your author brand: establishing & consolidating cross-platform coherence.

• Marketing: pre-launch plans and action.

Month Six: Next steps

One hour phone or Skype consultation.

• Formats: digital and print options.

• Back & front matter: reviews, testimonials, blurbs and back ads.

• Seize the moment: adding topical spin.

• Moving forward.

The programme encourages you to re-use your existing content, minimising the amount of new material you need to create.

We won’t write your book for you, but we will provide the guidance and accountability you need to complete your manuscript and be ready to move onto the next stage in the process, whether you choose to work further with an editor, or go straight to publication.

Of course, if you require additional consultation during or after the programme, this can be arranged.

And if you already have your manuscript or just can’t wait to complete a six-month programme, email hello@authorbranding.co.uk or call on +44 (0)247 722 0299 to talk to us about your book project now.

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